Windham Professionals Facts, Tips and Suggestions

“Collection Agencies Like Windham Professionals Have the Capability to Ruin Your Credit Reports and Credit Scores – Unless You Know How to Dispute and Remove the Marks, You Will Likely Not Be Able To Access Any or All Types of Credit”

Windham Professionals

Windham professionals charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.

Unfortunately, if you have an unsettled account with any debt collection agency and it is a legitimate account you are in for a bit of a ride no matter what.

But, it’s extremely important that you educate yourself so that you know what moves to make so that you do not ‘think’ you solved the problem.

Meaning: in some cases, even if you settle the account, the marks can still be listed on your credit report, and if employers, bankers, or lenders see charge offs and accounts that went into collections – it shoots up a red flag.

Not good.  Not good for any self-sufficient person who wants to own a home and borrow for a nice car

Time to get professional help to deal with Windham Professionals once and for all!

Lexington Law Firm in Salt Lake City Utah has experience challenging and disputing these negative marks off of their clients credit reports for all 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).

It is important that you call them to so that they may provide you with free advice regarding your situation.

They can help you – and if by chance, the account that Windham Professionals has reported against you is not accurate, timely, or misleading – (which are broad words) Lexington can serve you by helping you remove these in a timely fashion so you can get on with your life without debt,  and financial problems.

These are facts about Lexington Law (No exaggeration necessary):

  • They have been helping people since 1991.
  • They have an experienced staff of 24 attorneys and 200 paralegals and agents in 19 states.
  • They remove about one million black marks from their clients’ credit reports each year.
  • The average Lexington Law client has about 8 negative items erased in just 3 months of service.
  • Lexington Law offers a free consultation, a no-risk refund policy, and reasonable monthly service fees.
  • Lexington Law is dedicated to educating consumers about their rights.
(Take advantage of their special free consultation, their phone number is -
 1 – 855 – 255 – 0118)

Lexington Law can do several things to dispute your debt with Windham Professionals or any other agencies.

  • Initiate debt validation. This is an official legal process that requires the debt collector to PROVE you owe them the amount in question. If they are not able to prove this to the level demanded by the law, you do not have to pay.
  • Check the statute of limitations. There is a limited window of opportunity for debt collection companies to attempt to secure repayment on a debt. If that window has passed, the statute of limitations has expired and you do not legally owe the debt anymore. In fact, it is illegal for anyone to attempt to collect on a debt once it has expired.
  • Check your credit report for errors. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, debt collectors are forbidden to report inaccurate information about you to anyone, including the credit bureaus. If an inaccurate, expired, or otherwise invalid debt appears on your credit history, you can easily have it removed under the powers of this act.
  • Check for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Debt collectors are not allowed to call you for the sole purpose of harassing you, call before 8 am or after 9 pm, call your work if you’ve told them not to, or call you directly if you’ve hired a lawyer. Also, they may not make threats of legal action, unless they have a real intention of taking you to court to secure the right to take such an action

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